Concept Modeling

Concept models are typically needed early in the design process to demonstrate new ideas. Concept models are built to look and feel like finished products, and can be used to collect market and user feedback.

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hero_polyjet - Injection Molding Part Design

Rapid Prototyping

Built directly from a 3D CAD File, rapid prototypes do not require any type of tooling, and are the ideal way to test new designs and limit the time and cost associated with bringing a new product to market.

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Casting Pattern Design - SLA Investment Casting Patterns

Casting Patterns

PrintForm can provide either investment casting patterns to assist with foundry castings, or highly finished master patterns to be used with silicone or other molding processes.

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Custom End Use Parts Services

End Use Parts

PrintForm is providing plastic and metal end use parts in quantities from 1 to 100,000. Processes like CNC Machining, Sheet Metal, and Injection Molding complement our additive manufacturing capabilities.

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