Casting Patterns

Casting Patterns

Depending on your production requirements, PrintForm can provide either investment casting patterns to assist with foundry castings, or highly finished master patterns to be used with silicone or other molding processes. This can provide your organization with quick and economical access to molds capable of low volume production. Normally built through the SLASLS, or PolyJet processes.

Utilizing additive manufacturing methods for investment casting patterns allows for more designs to be cast without the initial expense and time required to fabricate expensive hard tooling for patterns.

SLA casting patterns are typically built utilizing the QuickCast build style. The QuickCast approach consists of a hollow stereolithography pattern with an internal support structure that adds overall strength to the pattern. The reduced volume of the hollow pattern allows for faster and more successful collapse and drainage of the melted master pattern throughout the investment casting process.

SLS casting patterns are printed utilizing the CastForm process. SLS CastForm patterns are printed at a lower overall density, and are infiltrated with wax to allow for quick and easy removal, allowing for foundries to quickly create the intricate and detailed patterns they require.

PolyJet parts are an excellent option for applications requiring a smooth and detailed master pattern to use when creating a repeatable mold for direct casting.

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