Cast Urethane (Silicone Molding)

Cast Urethane (Silicone Molding)

The cast urethane process creates low volumes of production urethane parts using silicone molds. It is ideal for molded parts on a short timeline, and the materials offer an array of mechanical and thermal properties for a variety of applications. Urethane parts provide a fast-to-market advantage through the use of 3D printed, as well as CNC, quick-turn master patterns, quick curing silicone molds, and first shots within 7 –10 business days, allowing companies to get their products in hand long before hard-tooling for traditional injection molding could be completed.

These parts can also be colored, textured, clear, or include threaded inserts or other components. A great option for low volumes of large or complex designs, where injection mold tooling would be very costly. We are proud to offer the capability to cast small and large parts alike, up to roughly the size of a standard car bumper.

Single piece production size is as large as 91″ x 40″ x 37″.

Our Cast Urethane materials can be custom colored to match existing parts or specific Pantone #’s. Additionally, we offer a standard range of colors available for download in a PDF Color Chart.

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